Salisbury Steak

So, this has become one of my favorite things to make which is a fairly inexpensive meal and filling and outright tasty. Especially since there’s gravy involved. I mean, who doesn’t like gravy?

There are literally hundreds of recipes for Salisbury Steak out on the internet. I’ve tried a few over 2017 and I found one that I altered slightly that was amazing. Of course, when I went back to find it, I could not, for the life of me, remember where it was, so I did what I could, from memory, with some things tweaked I’m sure, and came up with this recipe for it. I can definitely say that it didn’t disappoint. In fact, it was pretty delicious.

I have realized in the past that when I make Salisbury Steak, there’s just not enough gravy for everyone to get their fill and be happy, so I made some extra gravy since, as I said before…who doesn’t like gravy!

Steak Patty Ingredients

2 lbs ground beef
3/4 c seasoned bread crumbs
1/8 c LEA & PERRINS Original Worcestershire Sauce<img class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-1057″ style=”border: none !important; margin: 0!important;” src=”//″ alt=”” width=”1″ height=”1″ border=”0″ />
1/8 tsp Morton Coarse Kosher Salt
1/2 tsp pepper
1 1/2 tbsp minced garlic
2 large eggs
1 1/2 tsp McCormick Ground Mustard
2 tbsp ketchup
2 tbsp POMPEIAN Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Gravy Ingredients

1 package mushrooms, washed and sliced
1 sweet onion, halved and sliced
4 C beef broth
1 tsp LEA & PERRINS Original Worcestershire Sauce
1 tbsp ketchup
2 tbsp flour
1-2 tbsp butter
salt and pepper to taste


Patty Ingredients

In a bowl, combine your ground beef, bread crumbs, Worcestershire sauce, salt, pepper, garlic, eggs, mustard and ketchup and knead in the bowl until well incorporated.

Ingredients Mixed for Patties

Form into patties. Yes.. forming into patties is sometimes a little easier said than done when doing it by hand. I made mine as thin as I could, which was about 1/4 inch, and they still puffed up into thick patties, which is fine, but if you’re going for that traditional Salisbury steak LOOK, you want them to be somewhat flat. Now, I don’t have one, but this is where a burger press comes in handy. That’s basically a weight you set on top of your patties to keep them flat. This is only if you own one or are really looking to making ‘flat patties’. If you’re interested, like I am, in acquiring one for future use, I’d recommend the Cuisinart Cast Iron Grill Press.

Cooking the Patties

In a skillet on medium to medium high heat, drizzle in your olive oil and, once it’s hot, lay your patties in it. We’re going to cook these babies up until they’re done on both sides and not pink in the middle. Some Salisbury steak recipes want you to cook them about 80% and then transfer them to the oven or put a lid on them and finish them off. IF you want to do that, this is okay! I usually, once my gravy is done, lay them in the gravy, turn the heat on the stove down low, and let them simmer/marinate in their juices.

Cooked Onions

Once the patties are done, remove them from the pan and empty the pan of any extra grease. Now we’re going to add our sliced mushrooms to the pan, and a pat or two of butter, and cook them about 5-7 minutes on medium heat until they’re starting to get tender and slightly browned. We’re then going to add the onions and cook them together until the onions are translucent. I did mine slightly different, I cooked my onions and put my mushrooms in. So..backwards! It turned out just fine, but when I do it again, definitely cooking the mushrooms first!

Mushrooms Going In

Next, we’re going to sprinkle the mushrooms and onions with the flour and mix them together well, cooking the flour about 2 minutes until it sticks to the veggies.

Dusting Veggies with Flour

Now we’ll add our beef broth, ketchup, Worcestershire and mix them together, simmering it until it begins to thicken and reaches the consistency of the gravy you like. If you get it too thick, just add a little more beef broth, about 2 tbsp at a time so we don’t thin it out too much. If it’s too thin, just let it simmer, stirring frequently until it reaches the consistency you want. Salt and pepper to taste.

Making Gravy

Now here comes the part I was talking about, where we add the patties into the gravy. I just laid them into the pan with the gravy, turned it down to low and covered it, letting it simmer for about 10-15 minutes. After that, I served them up over a bed of rice, but you can serve them over mashed potatoes, or egg noodles or just plain how they are, and spooned some of that awesome gravy over the top. YUM!

Letting the Patties Simmer in Gravy

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