Post Thanksgiving Slump

It’s that time of year. You know what I’m talking about. The Post Thanksgiving Slump. Too much turkey. Too much rich food. Too much house cleaning. Black Friday. Cyber Monday. It’s like the week leading up to Thanksgiving is spent preparing for family and friends and food comas, and the week after is spent jumping right into the next holiday by shopping all these ‘special days of discount’ WHILE going through your turkey coma.

If you don’t have these issues, you’re so lucky! Because me, I am so tired, (doesn’t help that I moved furniture yesterday trying to find that niche for my tree) and I’m definitely TIRED of turkey! I ate Thanksgiving leftovers twice a day for four days in a row. I don’t ever really do that, eat it for both lunch and dinner. In fact, I usually make turkey soup or something else of that nature rather than sticking to the ole turkey and dressing and cranberry sauce routine. I think the reason I did this year is because this is possibly the last year my dad will be cooking his dressing which is delicious. He’s older, not in great health, and it just wears him down, like it does to all us young, healthy folks, to prepare Thanksgiving food. Maybe that’s why I was such a glutton. But, I will keep my fingers crossed, that next year will be a better year in regards to his health, and he’ll still insist on cooking certain things!

So, I have some posts that I need to work up, regarding Thanksgiving food before we just fly into Christmas, but I don’t want to swamp you guys either with post after post after post because then you might get bored with reading and then where will I be? I do have to say that I didn’t get everything on my list done, not because I didn’t make it but because I was in the Thanksgiving Spirit of cramming all my cooking into a short period of time that… drum roll please……I FORGOT TO TAKE PICTURES! Gah! Where was my brain?! Likely still sleeping because I can tell you, after cleaning and cooking NINE pies, I did not want to get out of bed on Thanksgiving morning. DID NOT! I really did have to lie there, still snuggled up, warm in my blankets, convincing myself that 24/7 gas station burritos and homemade pies just wouldn’t cut it for the family.

Anyway…I just wanted to keep in touch with you all, maybe even get a little feedback on how often you’d like to see posts, be it weekly, bi weekly, twice a week, three times a week, whatever your heart fancies. Stephanie has been going on this Youtube kick and is even taking classes online about promoting herself, and I ‘overheard’ (aka, was sitting in the car with her as she was streaming some guy talking about it and was forced to listen to it) that most readers don’t want to see something more than once a week because you feel spammed. You don’t want to see your email boxes full of ‘hey guys, there’s a new post’ letters. Me, I’m the type when it comes to food, the more the merrier, but it’s not all about me. It’s about my readers too, and it’s also about drawing in more people who might be interested in reading about food or small town living or whatever it is that they find tickles their fancy with this blog. So think about it. How often do you want to see something new? Drop me a comment, a letter, a hate mail….let me know!

And for all my devoted subscribers and even to those who have yet to get the courage to hit the ‘follow’ button, I will get those Thanksgiving foods out to you, for next year of course, or if you’re traditional and do turkey for Christmas, you’ll at least have some extra ideas and maybe throw in my family traditions with your own.

Now, back to our Post Thanksgiving Slumps. At least for the day.


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