It’s November!


Today is the first day of November and after all the hustle and bustle of Halloween and trying to recover from candy induced comas, we get to start thinking about Thanksgiving! Mind you, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, but as someone who loves to cook and eat, Thanksgiving is definitely coming in at a close second.

While I am excited about sharing with you some of my food and cooking for Thanksgiving, and my favorite recipes, today is kind of a blah day! Guh! Why, why must the wind be blowing up to 40 miles per hour?! I loathe the wind, especially in a place that is flat and usually dusty, it makes me think about the old western movies where they’re having the high noon standoff and the tumbleweeds and dirt are blowing across the street. But let me tell you, that is totally Hollywood stuff. When the wind blows the dirt around here, you get dust devils, low visibility warnings and you eat enough dirt and get enough dirt inĀ  your eyes that you create your own mud with your face. And the tumbleweeds…they get big. I’m talking BIG. Big enough that if you drive a car, they can be as tall as your car, and if you drive a big truck, you’re swerving to avoid them! If any of you have seen a herd of cattle, it literally reminds me of that as they blow across the highways in herds with the dust kicking up around them.

Being someone who suffers from bad allergies, every time the wind blows like this, I am miserable. My eyes hurt, my nose is stuffy and I have zero energy. The wind basically blows my will to live productively out the window! So… I haven’t had much to write about today because I don’t have the energy to cook. I’m to the point that ramen noodles might be what’s for lunch! But in the end, that’s okay, right? We can’t all be amazing chefs every single day. We deserve breaks! But I will do something for you!

I’m going to go outside and get a picture of the nasty wind just for you! Wish me luck!


Okay so….thirty minutes later of going around and eating some dust, I didn’t find tumbleweeds because they’re not quite dead yet. Tumbleweeds are actually big weeds that grow up in this prickly poof balls and when they die, they snap off and they roll because they’re spherical. So far, they’re not dead yet…

I did, however, get a short video clip of the tree in the front yard with the sound of the wind whipping through the trees to give you an idea of what it might be like, out in the open plains, without houses to block the full bursts of it.


[wpvideo gnw6PGzR]



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